Industrial applications


Cast Heaters are used within polymer and rubber processing industries (extrusion). Furthermore they are suitable for screen-changers and filter systems, for extrusion tools, for foiling and blow moulding machinery, for profile welding machinery, for slot dies (e.g. plate and foil extruderds), for sealing-, packaging and dairy machinery, for accumulator grid moulding, as pre-heating station for forging tools, as special application (e.g. within the laboratory sector) or as chiller.


  • protection types as per protection classification up to IP67
  • EX-protection with ATEX-certificate
  • Heat-Cool-Combination with additional cooling jacket or integrated (cast-in) cooling tube
  • with additional insulation


  • up to 450°C
    operating temperature aluminium
  • up to 650°C
    operating temperature brass
  • up to IP 67

Shape examples

cast material term density heat transfer capacity operating temperature¹ surface load²
AL 2,7 kg/dm³ 110 - 130 W/(m • K) ≤ 450 °C 4 W/cm³
AL 2,6 kg/dm³ 160 - 170 W/(m K) ≤ 450 °C 4 W/cm³
MS 8,5 kg/dm³ 65 - 85 W/(m K) ≤ 650 °C 6 W/cm³

¹ without coating, measured on the Surface of the heater
² recommended

Connection examples

Clamp and fastening examples


  • protection types as per protection classification up to  IP67
  • EX-protection with ATEX-Certificate 
  • with additional cooling jacket and blower connection flange
  • with additonal insulation 
  • various coatings e.g. nonstick coating,  chemical galvanized, others on request
  • parallel surfaces
  • milled out slots with grounded surfaces
  • temperature control through to integral thermo sensors, please take a look at our data sheet for temperature sensors
  • various shapes and machining on own chill-/ sandcasting  and modern CNC centres
  • production, reconditioning, repair and maintenance of Cast Heaters for packaging industry
Technical Data  
moulded in Tubular Heaters stainless steel 1.4541 or 1.4828, Ø 6.5 mm or Ø 8.5 mm or Ø 10 mm, others on request
moulded in cooling tubes stainless steel 1.4512 Ø 12x1, others on request
operating voltage 230V, 230/400V and 400V, others on request
performance on customer request and technical possibility
tolerance ±10 % (±5 % on request)
unmachined gravity cast quality lasting mould: Ra 3,2 - 50
sand cast: Ra 12,5 - 50
machined surface quality drilling: Ra 0,8 - 12,5
milling: Ra 1,6 - 12,5
grinding: Ra 0,2 - 0,8
wall thickness Tubular heater Ø 6,5 mm: standard 15 mm (min. 11 mm)
Tubular heater Ø 8,5 mm: standard 25 mm (min. 15 mm)
high voltage stability as per EN 60204
insulation resistance as per EN 60204


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