Packaging industry


Cast Heaters are suitable for food industry machinery and pharmaceutical facilities. They are used for sealing and welding with and without coating. Based on uniform heat distribution, high precision of contact surfaces, reaction fast temperature ranges and shape stability due to special aging procedures perfect operating conditions and long life time is guaranteed.

  • food packaging
  • pharmaceutical packaging
  • non-food, other packaging


  • homogenous heat distribution
  • high precision of contact surface
  • rapid-response temperature range
  • dimensionally stable due to special aging process


  • various geometries
  • with additional insulation
  • parallel surfaces
  • various coatings e.g. non-stick coating, chemical galvanized, others on request
  • EX-protection with ATEX-certificate
  • protection types as per protection classification up to IP67
  • with cast-in cooling tube
  • temperature control through to integral thermo sensors, please take a look at our data sheet for temperature sensors
  • production, reconditioning, repair and maintenance of Cast Heaters
  • up to 450°C
    operating temperature depending
    on coatings
  • up to 4 W/cm²
    surface load
  • up to IP 67
    protection types

Packaging industry

Cast-in Tubular Heaters

  • stainless steel 1.4541 or 1.4828 Ø 6,5 mm or Ø 8,5 mm

Profile examples

Connection examples

cast material term density heat transfer capacity operating temperature¹ surface load²
AlSi8Cu3 Aluminium AL 2,7 kg/dm³ 110-130 W/(m•K) ≤ 450°C 4 W/cm²
AlSi7Mg0,3 Aluminium AL 2,6 kg/dm³ 160-170 W/(m•K) ≤ 450°C 4 W/cm²
ACuZn39Pb Brass MS 8,5 kg/dm³ 65-85 W/(m•K) ≤ 650°C 4 W/cm²

¹ without coating, measured on the surface of the heater
² recommended

machined surfaced quality

  • drilling: Ra 0,8 - 12,5
  • milling: RA 1,6 - 12,5
  • grinding: Ra 0,2 - 0,8


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