The self-improvement of MCT devices allows an accurate temperature control. Temperature set and actual value, heat current set and actual value as well as actuating variable, parameters and fault reports are digital indicated. The devices have a semiconductor relay and heat current monitoring related to heat element failure and interruption. Collective alarm display control temperature and heat current. Start-up circuitry involves set level limits, start-up temperature and holding time. To avoid production interruption actuating variable can be adapted. The connection of standard temperature sensor types (L, J, K and PT100) is possible.

MCT 1-E Control Unit details

- propac table casing: 270 x 190 x 206 mm painted stone-grey
- built-in controller with pluggable device slot
mains connection:
— 230V / 16A / 50 Hz
- fuse protection 16A / FF – 3,500W power exit
- fuse failure monitoring (glow lamp)
- 3 m leads with insulated plug
- load circuit via solid-state-relay (non-wearing)
temperature controller: KS 50-1
- temperature sensor types: L, J, K and PT100
- control behaviour: two-point D/PID
- digital set display: red 4-digit LED-display
- digital actual display: red 4-digit LED-display
- switching status display of exits
- heat current monitoring (adjustable value limit 0-16A, digital display of set and actual value)
- self-improvement of control parameters
- measuring circuit monitoring: sensor break and polarity
- alarm-LED for temperature monitoring
- ramp and program function
- start-up circuitry e.g. for hot runner control
- adaption of actuating variable with sensor break avoids production interruption
connection of exits
- load exit via insulated socket with hinged cover
- sensor connection via 4-pin socket
- alarm exit 24V/DC via 4-pin multi plug connector
  • other operating voltage
  • other wattage
  • special functions
  • single and multi zone units
  • digitial interface

MCT Control Unit

operating voltage 230 Volt, 50/60Hz or 230/400 Volt with multi zone units
heat impulse display LED yellow
actual temperature display 4-digit LED display
normal temperature display 4-digit LED display
sensor L, J and K + PT100
thermocouple break monitoring error ist displayed
sensor polarity error ist displayed
control mode 2-point D-PID
control settings automatic adaption
heat load monitoring limit value
temperature monitoring relative or absolute limit value
start-up circuitiry adjustable start-up temperature, set level and holding time
control temperature take over with temperature sensor loss last set level


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