Industrial Oven Systems and Pre-Heat devices

Conveyor sheet- and part Ovens


The application area of Conveyor Ovens is versatile. Conveyor Ovens are suitable for continuous heating, thermal treatment or clock-controlled dwell times of components. Applicable are single parts on one flat conveyor or complete sheets. In the case of sheet heating the processing time and the dwell time of the film can be extended in the oven by several pulleys. This version is an advantage for limited floor space. Energy savings are implemented via adjustable covers at the entering and exit side. The necessary integration into customer control systems takes place via actuators and sensors after agreement with the customer.


  • voltage and wattage variations
  • operating temperature variations
  • painting, multi-colour available as per customer request
  • labelling and documentation in various languages
  • Igalvanized, hot-dip aluminized steel plate or stainless steel internal tank
  • electronic PID temperature control with load circuit contactor or solid state relay
  • temperature control with self-improvement function, process alarm for further processing available
  • multi-tank oven
  • doors on front and back side
  • electronic digital clock timer
  • operating hours counter
  • timer function, turns on after adjusted time (max 99h 59 min) (on request as well off)
  • program controller with up to 20 programs each with 16 segments
  • signal and warning light as per requested function
  • viewing window at oven door for visual control
  • shutter plates at air-entering side for subsequent temperature improvement
  • accessible execution with interior unlocking device for the door and if requested additional emergency lamp corresponding to machinery guideline 2006/42/EG
  • multichannel diagram writer for documentation of temperature process
  • interfaces as per customer specification
  • series parts
    heat treating
  • residence time
  • economically
Design example 1 - up to 100 °C - 870 x 770 x 460 mm


  • 870 x 770 x 460 mm
    (width x depth x height) per tank
  • operating temperature: up to 100°C
  • heat capacity: 18 kW
  • circulation air blower: 2 x 0.25 k
  • air guidance: vertical




This Conveyor Oven is used for the heating of soft-close assemblies for furniture hinges. The devices will be heated to a temperature of 90°C between pre-assembling and filling.


  • two tanks with two control loops
  • complete integration of customer control system with corresponding actuators and sensors
  • hood relief with internal balance weights
Design example 2 - up to 140 °C - 1,500 x 1,150 x 1,600 mm


  • 1.500 x 1.150 x 1.600 mm
    (B x T x H)
  • operating temperature: up to 140°C
  • heat capacity: 24 kW
  • circulation air blower: 2 x 1.1 kW
  • air guidance: vertical



This Conveyor Oven is used as a pre-heat unit of a thermoforming machine (e.g. PP-foil). This is made to optimize the process. The internal carrier frame with drive rolls and pulleys enlarges the duration time of the film inside the oven.


  • prepared terminal box for customers control of film incentive
  • Iinternal tank: 1.4301 stainless steel
  • reinforced internal tank bottom to carry customers carrier frame
  • product entry and exit via side slots


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