Industrial Oven Systems and Pre-Heat devices

Hopper Granulate Dryers


These devices are simple and economic constructions that are able to replace expensive and complex drying devices. They are suitable to final dry thermoplastic synthetic granulates. The dryers are mounted on the funnel of an injection moulding machine, it is to take care that the collar of the air exit tube is covering the material entering fitting. The warm heat blower absorbs the fresh air via filter and heats it up to an adjusted temperature between 60 – 200 °C. Synthetic granulate will be dried or pre-heated within a short time. An additional integral, resettable temperature limiter (solid adjusted to 235 °C) protects the dryer against over heat. These dryers are taking care to reduce the plasticisation process. It may be an advantage to enlarge the funnel as the granulate dwell time in the air flow determines the level of drying. Type DGT includes the hinged funnel cover. The tube length “B” is to choose that the granulated can pass between the funnel wall and distribution collar “d”. In the case of ordering dimension “A” and “B” is to be indicated or send a drawing of the machinery funnel. Please indicate dimensions with square funnels.

Standard designs


  • operating temperature: up to 200 °C
  • operating voltage
    G 40 to G 70: 230 Volt, 1 Ph/N/PE 50Hz
    G 90 to G 140: 230/400 Volt 3 Ph/N/PE50Hz
  • temperature control: capillary thermostat, range: 60 to 200 °C
  • temperature protection: capillary thermostat, solid adjusted to 235 °C,
    permanent heat turn off with re-setting knob with over heat
  • permanent sound level: < 70 db (A) measured in front of 1 m to the terminal
    box at 1.6 m height
  • steel plate casing
  • standard painting: RAL 6011 reseda-green structure


  • voltage and wattage variations
  • operating temperature variations
  • painting, multi-colour available as per customer request
  • labelling and documentation in various languages
  • 6
    standard designs
  • up to 200°C
    operating temperature
  • up to 7.5 kW
    heat capacity


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