screw-in nipple

PWF 99


Screw-in sensors are ideal for surface measuring. They are screwed directly into the component and are available with various thread sizes.  PWF 99 dimensions are Ø 8 x 5 / 60 mm with a Ø 8 x 40 pressure spring and a M12x1 thread screw-in nipple. The nipple has a thread length of 9 mm and a key size of 17 mm. A 60 mm long fiberglass hose is used as anti-kink protection. Standard leads are galvanized copper wires with PFA- and fiberglass insulation covered by fiberglass and steel metal braid.

  • Pt100 gauge slide as per
    DIN EN 60751 – class B
  • two-wire circuit as standard design
  • operating temperature: up to 260 °C
  • isolated
  • sensor tip:
    Ø 8 x 5 mm – plane
  • M12x1 screw-in thread 9 / 16 mm long
    key size 17 mm
  • up to 260°C
    operating temperature
  • Ø 8 x 5 mm - plane
    sensor tip
  • M12 x 1
    screw- in thread



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