plug-in sensors

PWF 55


Plug-in resistance sensors are ideal for all possible application of temperature measuring. They are available as straight and right-angle design. There are clamp-screws, screws, clips and stop rings available for mounting. Springs with special-fiberglass hose and 400 °C heat resistant varnish are standard. Standard leads are galvanized copper wires with PTFE and fiberglass insulation covered by stainless steel metal braid. The PWF 15 is a right-angle sensor. The bend Ø 6 x 37 mm protection tube has soldered Ø 2.5 x 6 mm notch pin at the front side. The standard sensor tube has a Ø 3.5 and is 20 mm long.

  • Pt100 gauge slide as per
    DIN EN 60751 – class B
  • two-wire circuit as standard design
  • operating temperature: up to 260 °C
  • isolated
  • sensor tip:
    Ø 3.5 x 20 mm immersion depth
  • fastening due to spring at slot pin
  • Ø 8 x 65 mm anti-kink protection spring
  • up to 260°C
    operating temperature
  • Ø 3.5x20mm
    sensor tip
  • Ø 8x65 mm
    anti-kink protection

PWF 55

Please find following our standard leads for PWF 55 Resistance sensors listed. Others are available on request.

part# cross section temperature range outer diameter
1201354 2x0.35 mm²
Cu-nickel plated
-50 °C until +260 °C 4.6 x 2.8 mm
1340642 3x0.25 mm²
-60 °C until +260 °C 3.40 ±0.15 mm
1266897 4x0.18 mm²
Cu-nickel plated
-50 °C until +260 °C 3.90 ±0.15 mm
1307789 4x0.22 mm²
-50 °C until +350 °C 4.00 ±0.15 mm
1300580 4x0.22 mm²
-90 °C until +260 °C 3.50 ±0.10 mm
1307865 4x0.25 mm²
-25 °C until +180 °C 4.50 ±0.15 mm

Angular plugs

type J 4-pin consisting of:
    plug part# 1201402
    spout part# 1201407
    angle part# 1201408



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