Mineral Insulated Resistance Sensors

MW 5 Temperature Sensor


Due to their advantageous characteristics as flexibility, shock-resistant design and very fast reaction mineral insulated resistance sensor have many application ranges within the industrial sector. In flexible rust-free steel part are two or more heat resistant wires imbedded into Magnesium oxide. The Pt100 is installed into a rigid protection tube. The sensor leads are connected with the inner leads as and the jacket wire is soldered with the protection tube. 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, 3.00 mm and 6.0 mm protection tube diameters are available. Please indicate the sensor length.

The standard flat plug is suitable for a temperature recording up to 130 °C at the plug. The white plug has round copper Pins.

  • mineral insulated resistance sensor
    as per DIN EN 60751
  • operating temperature: up to 600 °C
  • standard design: with Pt100 resistance sensor
    in two-wire circuit – class B
  • two- or three-wire circuit available
  • with miniature flat plug
  • up to 600°C
    operating temperature
  • class B
    two-wire circuit
  • PT100
    standard design

MW 5 Mineral Insulated Resistance Sensors

Resistance Sensor miniature plug connectors

The standard plug connectors are due to their construction reverse-polarity protected and up to 120 °C temperature stable. The flat U type contact pins are out of copper (plus pin Ø 2.3 x 0.8 mm - minus pin Ø 3 x 0.8 mm). The plug is white and suitable for cross sections up to 0.5 mm². We recommend to assemble a strain relief with the plug and socket. This avoids the relieve of the leads from the plug. A brass ferrule will be provided, please state lead diameter.


2-pin plug part# 2211008
  socket part# 2211014
  ferrule part# 2211000



3-pin plug part# 2211009
  socket part# 2211015
  ferulle part# 2211017



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