Melt Resistance Probes

MWF 105


Melt probes are designed for the usage at extrusion sides. Sword shaped, conical and plane measure tips allow a good temperature recording. Accordingly to the thread melt probes can be screwed at standard holes of the extruder. It is to select between single and double thermocouple and isolated or not isolated design. The thermocouple plug is solid connected with the turned part. The sensor parts are out of own production and manufactured on ultra-modern CNC-machinery.

  • Pt100 gauge slide as per DIN EN 60751 – class B
  • operating temperature: up to 600 °C
  • isolated
  • standard two-wire circuit
  • ½” – 20 UNF – 2A screw-in thread
  • plane measure surface
  • plane
    measure surface
  • ½” – 20 UNF–2A
    screw-in thread
  • standard
    2 wire circuit

MWF 105 Melt Resistance Probe

Resistance Sensor plug connectors

The standard plug connectors are due to their construction reverse-polarity protected and up to 120 °C temperature stable. The round U type contact pins are out of copper (plus pin Ø 4 mm - minus pin Ø 4.7 mm). The plug is white and suitable for cross sections up to 1 mm². We recommend to assemble a strain relief with the plug and socket. This avoids the relieve of the leads from the plug. A brass ferrule will be provided, please state lead diameter.


2-pin plug part# 2211006
  socket part# 2211010
  ferrule part# 2211002



3-pin plug part# 2211007
  socket part# 2211012
  ferulle part# 2211019


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