Connection flanges


Connection flanges, counter flanges or screw sockets are used for easy installation of Thermocouples and Resistance Sensors. Connection flanges can be fixed variable on the sensor tube. Screw sockets are screwed with their connecting thread. The ceramic sealing cord is gas-tight to 1 bar.

  • for 15 mm protection tube diameters
  • counter flange: out of grey iron sliding
  • screw socket: out of steel or anti-rust steel sliding
  • ceramic sealing
Connection flange


counter flange out of grey iron

  • for 15 mm protection tube diameter
    part# 2211309
Screw socket

Shiftable out of steel or rust-free steel, ceramic braid sealing, gas thight up to approx. 1 bar

with thread for 15 mm protection tube diameter:
G 1/2 A part# 2211306
G 3/4 A part# 2211307
G 1 A part# 2211308
1.0305 material




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