Melt Probe

MTF 116


Melt probes are designed for the usage at extrusion sides. Sword shaped, conical and plane measure tips allow a good temperature recording. Accordingly to the thread melt probes can be screwed at standard holes of the extruder. It is to select between single and double thermocouple and isolated or not isolated design. There is no justification of the conical sensor tip at the flow direction required. The standard length of the sensor tip is 15 mm, other lengths are available. The passage of the sensor and the leads is strain relieved and with Ø 8 x 65 mm anti-kink protection spring. The sensor parts are out of own production and manufactured on ultra-modern CNC-machinery.

  • operating temperature:
    up to 600 °C at measure tip
  • isolated or non-isolated
  • single or double thermocouple
  • M18x1.5 screw-in thread
  • conical sensor tip
  • up to 600°C
    operating temperature
  • M18x1.5
    screw-in thread
  • Ø 8x65 mm
    anti-kink protection spring

MTF 116 Melt Probe

    Miniature - round plugs with screw connection

    2-pin plug T3200 part# 1200716
      socket T3201 part# 1200721



    3-pin plug T3260 part# 1201415
      socket T3261 part# 1200722


    4-pin plug T3300 part# 1103624
      socket T3301 part# 1200723

    Round plugs with screw connection

    3-pin plug T3079 part# 1103631
      socket T3080 part# 1200749



    5-pin plug T3083 part# 1103635
      socket T3084 part# 1200750


    Round plugs with bayonet connection

    3-pin plug T3008 part# 1103627



    5-pin plug T3012 part# 1119173


    Thermocouple plug connectors

    J type plug A9.1 part# 1107127
      socket A10.1 part# 1107128
      with cross section 2x0,50 mm² part# 1349300



    K type plug A9.2 part# 1209136
      socket A10.2 part# 1134620
      with cross section 2x0,50 mm² part# 1349300

    Duplex - Thermocouple plug connectors

    J type duplex plug   part# 1209139
      duplex socket   part# 1209144
      strain relief 2x1,00 mm² part# 1349298
      with cross section 2x0,50 mm² part# 1349300



    K type duplex plug   part# 2105264
      duplex socket   part# 1302891
      strain relief 2x1,00 mm² part# 1349298
      with cross section 2x0,50 mm² part# 1349300

    Miniature plug connectors

    Lemo cable Ø max. in mm        
      sizes 0S 1S 2S 3S
      standard socket 3,7 4,2 4,2 4,2
      fitting socket        
      standard plug 3,7 4,2 4,2 4,2


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