Special Sensors

TEF 37


The here listed thermocouples are mainly customized designs. If you have any queries regarding temperature recording we are more than happy to assist you here. We manufacture form single items up to high volume. Ask us for your temperature sensor!
Plug-in sensors with bayonet caps are mainly used with forms and tools of the polymer processing industry. Due to the plane sensor tip the sensor is ideal for surface measurements. The standard 200 mm long spring guarantees a perfect contact pressure to the sensor tip. An imbedded titan part between the brass sensor tip and the Ø 6 mm TEF 4FF shaft interrupts the heat transfer. Therefore we get a very fast reaction cylinder sensor. The bayonet cap is with Ø 6 mm spring thread. With twisting the bayonet cap the fitting length can be changed. The internal diameter of the bayonet cap is 15 mm. The leads are protected by a metal braided hose. 190 mm sensor wire and 6,500 mm extension cable connected with miniature thermocouple plug connector.  The end of the extension cables are 70 mm free tails with cable end sleeves.

  • operating temperature: up to 400 °C
  • sensor tip:
    Ø 6 x 16.5 mm – 110°
  • single or double thermocouple
  • reaction fast cylinder sensor
  • TEF 4 FF Ø 6 with TI and
  • extension cable = TEF 37
  • up to 400°C
    operating temperature
  • Ø 6x 6.5mm
    sensor tip - 110°
  • 200mm


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