Tubular Cartridge Heaters



Tubular Cartridge Heaters are the ideal heating for injection moulding tools. They are suitable for the heating of spigot automats and for mandrel heaters, e.g. with tube extrusion. Further to this Tubular Cartridge Heaters find their application within hot runner systems, at machinery nozzles and within die-cast production.


  • various dimensions (Ø/length)
  • voltage and wattage variations
  • various lengths and types of leads
  • other capacity tolerances
  • conical surfaces
  • with removal and assembling aid
  • with connection pins and plane front side
  • with capacity distribution
  • up to 600°C
    operating temperature
  • 5-10 mm
    wall thickness per type
  • up to 15 W/cm²
    surface load

RPM/RDO/RP/RPO Tubular Cartridge Heater


  • Stainless steel 1.4541 or 1.4301


outer diameter ± 0,35 mm
inner diameter H12 (depends on the length)
length tolerance L 30 - 100 mm - ca. ± 3 mm
L 101 - 150 mm - ca. ± 4 mm
L 151 - 300 mm - ca. ± 5 mm
L 301 - 400 mm -       ---

Cable exit options


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